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Created November 22, 2019 02:56
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Parallel lambda invocations with Python concurrent futures
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import random
import pendulum
import time
from concurrent import futures
# The problem is that the AWS boto3 lambda invoke function is not truly asynchronous
# even with InvocationType='Event', so to achieve concurrency, we rely on the
# ThreadPoolExecutor, which depending on the vCPU size can invoke ~60 lambdas/sec
def fakeLambda(batch, rank, invoke_time):
sleep_time = random.randint(3, 8)
curr_time ="UTC")
print(f" ..finished. {batch} - #{rank}, took {sleep_time} sec - invoke {invoke_time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')}, now: {curr_time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')}")
def loopLoop():
with futures.ThreadPoolExecutor() as executor:
batch = 0
while True:
curr_time ="UTC")
print(f"Batch {batch} - {curr_time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')}")
for i in range(5):
executor.submit(fakeLambda, batch, i, curr_time)
batch += 1
def main():
if __name__ == "__main__":
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