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Example of using Realm.waitForChange()/Realm.stopWaitForChange()
// Create a background thread
RealmThread t = new RealmThread(realmConfig, new RealmRunnable() {
public void run(Realm realm) {
do {
// Do some work once, and every time the Realm changes
} while (realm.waitForChange())
t.start(); // Start the thread
t.shutdown(); // Quit the loop as soon as possible.
public final class RealmThread extends Thread {
private final RealmConfiguration realmConfig;
private final RealmRunnable task;
private Realm realm;
public RealmThread(RealmConfiguration realmConfig, RealmRunnable task) {
this.realmConfig = realmConfig;
this.task = task;
public RealmThread(RealmConfiguration realmConfig, RealmRunnable task, String threadName) {
this.realmConfig = realmConfig;
this.task = task;
public void run() {
realm = Realm.getInstance(realmConfig);
if (task != null) {;
synchronized(this) {
if (!realm.isClosed()) {
realm = null;
* Abort the Realm thread as soon as possibly.
public void shutdown() {
synchronized (this) {
if (!isAlive() || realm == null) {
// Runnable interface
public interface RealmRunnable {
void run(final Realm realm);

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ZherebtsovAlexandr commented Oct 19, 2016

@cmelchior please explain why we should quit the loop as soon as possible? Can I execute shutdown when I need unsubscribe from Realm changes notifications?

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