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Install kubectl on ubuntu (WSL) and use kubectl config from Windows
# Receives your Windows username as only parameter.
curl -LO
chmod +x ./kubectl
sudo mv ./kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl
mkdir -p ~/.kube
ln -sf "/mnt/c/users/$windowsUser/.kube/config" ~/.kube/config
kubectl version
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Sonata165 commented Jul 22, 2020

cool and useful

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orinwalker commented Nov 3, 2021

Fantastic. Works perfectly. Thank you!

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jmicans commented Dec 3, 2021


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Mustafa017 commented Dec 28, 2021

Nice solution. Thanks

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aLucaz commented Jan 16, 2022


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xak2000 commented Jan 26, 2022

An alternative solution (Verified with Docker Desktop for Windows with WSL2)

Start WSL2 session (e.g. Ubuntu) and add into ~/.profile:

export KUBECONFIG=/mnt/c/users/$USER/.kube/config

Close and reopen WSL2 session to make bash re-read .profle file.

This makes kubectl executed in WSL2 to directly use kubectl config file from Windows host. No symlink required.

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S-Effendi commented Mar 15, 2022

Instead of having to re-open your WSL2 windows shell you could simply reload your shell with: source ~/.profile

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sivabalan19 commented Jun 29, 2022

@xak2000 @S-Effendi @cmendible , How are you guys tricking the windows location of client-certificate & client-key in the config file.

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Scared-Heart commented Aug 8, 2022

nice work, thx~

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msvirtualguy commented Aug 25, 2022

This is great, very helpful! Thanks

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