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too busy writing grants to commit code

Chris Mungall cmungall

too busy writing grants to commit code
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cmungall /
Created Jun 12, 2019
Generate HTML index of a synced google drive folder. For me this is faster to search and navigate than the clunky slow google web interface. Pretty hacky code but it works for me
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import re
import logging
import click
# don't index these
excludes = {
% from
:- use_module(library(clpfd)).
% xi where 1 <= xi <= M, 1 <= i <= N, sum(xi = 2M)
solve(M,N,L) :- length(L,N), L ins 1..M, sum(L,#=,M*2).
% use random_variable option when labeling results
test(M,N) :-solve(M,N,L), labeling([random_variable(5)],L), writeln(L), fail ; halt.
cmungall /
Created Oct 23, 2018
Example of bash datalog on GO
rel(S,P,O) :~ cat relationships.tsv
anc(S,O) :- rel(S,_,O).
anc(S,O) :- anc(S,Z),anc(Z,O).
main(X) :- anc(X, "GO:0005634").
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## Original Ontology
* IRI:
* VersionIRI:
## New Ontology
* IRI:
#!/usr/bin/env python3
Command line wrapper to mygene for bulk operations
bulkgene -h
For instructions
View has participant
Proposed schema for evolved processes. Evolved processes are either (1) the realization of a single function (2) a causally connected mereological sum of (1)s
The schema could be generalized to other processes arise from non-evolved functions such as building a house.
For simplicity this initial elucidation focuses on evolved processes (aka biological programs).
Subsubmption hierarchy (`P` = process, `C` = independent continuant, `Q` = quality)
* enabled by (aka has agent) `P->C`
* has participant `P->C`
* modifies or consumes (aka has initial participant)
View metainterpreter
rule((is_aT(A,B) :- is_a(A,B))).
rule((is_aT(A,B) :- is_a(A,Z),is_aT(Z,B))).
prove(Goal,[Goal]) :-
prove(Goal, [Rule|Steps]) :-
Rule = rule( (Goal :- Body) ),
View GraphQL examples for Translator
## Type Definitions (contract)
type Drug {
id: ID!
name: String!
drugInteractions: [DrugInteraction]
drugTargets: [DrugTarger]
type DrugTarget {
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View Biological process

Bold Hypothesis: GO BPs can be cleanly separated into cellular processes and larger processes formed from assemblages of these. Any process should be diagrammable. If the diagram is expressed using cell parts and molecules, it is cellular. If the diagram is expressed using cells or tissues it is at a larger level of organization.

Additionally, we may have grouping classes which can abstract over both branches, in terms of some objective or phenotype. Examples are: growth (to increase the size of the organism or a part), immune system

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