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How to install tcpping on Linux

To install tcptraceroute on Debian/Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install tcptraceroute

To install tcptraceroute on CentOS/REHL, first set up RepoForge on your system, and then:

$ sudo yum install tcptraceroute

Finally, download tcpping from the web.

$ cd /usr/bin
$ sudo wget
$ sudo chmod 755 tcpping

To measure network latency by using tcpping, simply run it as follows.

$ tcpping
seq 0: tcp response from [open] 82.544 ms
seq 1: tcp response from [open] 80.771 ms
seq 2: tcp response from [open] 80.838 ms
seq 3: tcp response from [open] 80.145 ms
seq 4: tcp response from [open] 86.253 ms 
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myfreax commented Mar 19, 2017

Hello,According to this document can not install tcping


$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i tcping-1.3.5.deb


sudo yum install tcping


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paul4156 commented Oct 7, 2020

Works really well with Azure Linux based App Service. Thanks.

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