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What Does The Cat Say?

Yanlin Jiang cncolder

What Does The Cat Say?
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cncolder / gist:97b0e048ef1b756f25df814faacfd2e7
Last active Apr 16, 2021
VSCode Jest run it extension monorepo bin path
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// VSCode Settings - Jest run it - Jest Path
node -e '[_,f,...a]=process.argv;d=path.dirname(f).replace(/\\/g,"");j=require.resolve("jest",{paths:[d]});b=path.resolve(j,"../../bin/jest.js");child_process.spawnSync(b,[f,...a],{cwd:d,stdio:"inherit"})'
cncolder / .eslintrc.js
Last active Sep 11, 2020
A way to hack create-react-app for custom config
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// Put me under ./src
module.exports = {
extends: 'react-app',
rules: {
eqeqeq: 'off'
View lazy factory girl.rb
# spec/factories.rb
class F
class << self
{:a => :attributes_for, :b => :build, :c => :create, :d => :define, :s => :stub, :* => :sequence, :+ => :next}.each do |k,v|
delegate v, :to => Factory
alias_method k, v
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//BUGFIX: Chromeframe miss some features.
(function($) {
$.oldAjax = $.ajax;
$.ajax = function(o) {
// I can't detect it by navigator.userAgent. So I set it on server side.
if (navigator.chromeframe) {
// Chromeframe can't send DELETE and PUT verb.
if (o.type == "DELETE") {
o.type = "POST";
View application.html.erb
<!-- Hold it in application.html.erb or ur own default layout. for this example put in navigator. -->
<% if @win_ie_with_chromeframe %>
navigator.chromeframe = true;
<% end -%>
View rails.js
// Live is new method in jQuery 1.4+.
$('a[data-confirm]').live('click', function () { ... });
// When user click the link. jQuery will handle it and send a ajax request.
url: "/users/new",
dataType: "script",
View user.html.erb
<!-- Rails html5 templete -->
<%= link_to "Add user", new_user_path, :remote => true %>
<!-- Will product -->
<a href="/users/new" data-remote="true">Add user</a>
View Concat my name use ruby magic.rb
# Print "colder"
View gist:410523
<title>IE PNG Alpha Fix</title>
<style type="text/css">
img { behavior: url("") }
<body bgcolor="#000000">
<img src="opacity.png"/>
View Adobe Air2rc1 drag List item to Trash or RecycleBin.mxml
<s:List dragEnabled="true" dragMoveEnabled="true">
<fx:Object label="Item one"/>
<fx:Object label="Item two"/>
<fx:Object label="Item three"/>