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user> (require '[ :as io])
user> (require '[ :as ds])
user> (require '[clj-memory-meter.core :as mm])
user> (def double-mapseq
(vec (repeatedly 1000
#(->> (range 100)
(map (fn [idx]
[idx (rand)]))
(into {})))))
user> (mm/measure double-mapseq)
"4.9 MB"
user> (mm/measure (ds/->dataset double-mapseq))
"859.8 KB"
user> (def short-mapseq
(vec (repeatedly 1000
#(->> (range 100)
(map (fn [idx]
[idx (unchecked-short (rand-int 65535))]))
(into {})))))
user> (mm/measure short-mapseq)
"4.1 MB"
user> (mm/measure (ds/->dataset short-mapseq))
"235.6 KB"
user> (def object-mapseq
(vec (repeatedly 1000
#(->> (range 100)
(map (fn [idx]
[idx (keyword (str idx))]))
(into {})))))
user> (mm/measure object-mapseq)
"2.6 MB"
user> (mm/measure (ds/->dataset object-mapseq))
"457.3 KB"
user> (def ames-path "data/ames-house-prices/train.csv")
user> (def raw-csv-load (vec (io/csv->mapseq ames-path)))
user> (mm/measure raw-csv-load)
"9.0 MB"
user> (mm/measure (ds/->dataset raw-csv-load))
"1.6 MB"
user> (mm/measure (ds/->dataset ames-path))
"270.9 KB"
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