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@co-dh co-dh/uwsgi crash
Created Sep 25, 2013

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wsgi-file =
processes = 8
#threads = 2 Using thread will breaks the server for now.
pidfile = /tmp/
cache2 = name=test,items=2,blocksize=10,keysize=5
cache2 = name=users,items=40000,blocksize=16384,keysize=64,bitmap=1
cache2 = name=general,items=65536,blocksize=16384,keysize=1024,bitmap=1
cache2 = name=volume,items=65536,blocksize=16384,keysize=1024,bitmap=1
cache2 = name=agents,items=60000,blocksize=80960,keysize=128,bitmap=1
cache2 = name=applications,items=20000,blocksize=51200,keysize=40,bitmap=1
cache2 = name=merchants,items=20000,blocksize=51200,keysize=40,bitmap=1
cache2 = name=tasks,items=20000,blocksize=51200,keysize=40,bitmap=1
add-header = Connection: Keep-Alive
reload-mercy = 8
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