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Python Data structure for storing a packet of bits into a long with mappings
from enum import Enum
import bits_mod
would use 'pyserial' and bits_mod (or more useful rewrite)
This allows us to store the packet inside a long. perhaps the most dense data structure for this problem
class EndBit(Enum):
"""This ENUM defines what the most significant bit should be. The first byte should end with 1 else 0"""
class PacketByte:
"""This class allows easy manipulation, conversion and handling of our packet bytes"""
def __init__(self, data_bytes, endbit):
if endbit in EndBit:
self._endbit = endbit
self.data_bytes = int(data_bytes, 2) # this will through ValueError back if it fails
packet = bits_mod.Bits(104)
def packet_range(start, stop):
"""Range wrapper that auto works in reverse"""
if start <= stop:
return list(range(start, stop))
return list(range(start, stop, -1))
#how map coule be represented
packet_map = {
'left_encoder': packet_range(0, 7),
'right_encoder': packet_range(8, 15),
'well_made_function': [2, 44, 45] + packet_range(90, 104),
for i in packet_map['left_encoder']:
if i % 2 != 0:
def get_bits(array_of_indexes):
bits = b''
for i in array_of_indexes:
if packet.is_true(i):
bits += b'1'
bits += b'0'
return bits
print(get_bits(packet_map['left_encoder'])) #get related bytes
def test_mapping_ranges(packet_map):
expected_range = set(range(0, 104))
actual_range = set()
for i in packet_map.values():
if actual_range.intersection() is None: # see if there are overlapping mapings
pass #fail out as there are overlapping maps
if set(range(0, 104)).difference(actual_range) is not None:
pass # fail as there are missing mappings
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