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Script used on a theme by theme bases to setup the Node/Gulp environment, after the initial "first-time" setup script has been run.
## Once the "gulp-first-time-setup" script has been run (see you should run THIS version from that point on
## Copy/paste this line into the Console to make this script executable: chmod +x
## Copy/paste this line into the Console to execute this script: ./
## Initialize NPM
npm init --yes
## Install Gulp and the rest of the dependencies locally
npm install --save-dev gulp @babel/register @babel/preset-env @babel/core yargs gulp-sass gulp-clean-css gulp-if gulp-sourcemaps gulp-postcss autoprefixer gulp-imagemin del webpack-stream babel-loader vinyl-named gulp-zip gulp-wp-pot
## Delete this script when finished running commands
sudo rm
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