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Can't get my state_machine to Enum erate
class VehicleEnum
include DataMapper::Resource
property :id, Serial
property :name, String
property :state, Enum[ :parked, :idling ]
state_machine :initial => :parked do
event :ignite do
transition :parked => :idling
state :idling do
validates_with_method :name_is_fred
def name_is_fred
return true if name == "fred"
return [false, "Only fred can be idling"]
fred = VehicleEnum.create({:name => 'fred'})
fred.ignite or raise "failed: couldn't ignite fred"
fred.clean? or raise "failed: couldn't save an idle fred"
wilma = VehicleEnum.create({:name => 'wilma'})
!wilma.ignite or raise "failed: could ignite wilma"
!wilma.errors.blank? or raise "failed: wilma has no errors"
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