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$ ./flaegdemo --help
flaegdemo is a golang program...(here the program description)
Usage: flaegdemo [--flag=flag_argument] [-f[flag_argument]] ... set flag_argument to flag(s)
or: flaegdemo [--flag[=true|false| ]] [-f[true|false| ]] ... set true/false to boolean flag(s)
Available Commands:
version Print version
Use "flaegdemo [command] --help" for more information about a command.
--db Enable database (default "false")
--db.comax Number max of connections on database (default "100")
--db.connectionmax64 Number max of connections on database (default "6400000000000000000")
--db.ip Server ip address (default "") Watch device (default "true")
-l, --loglevel Log level (default "INFO")
--owner Enable Owner description (default "true")
--owner.dob Owner date of birth (default "2016-08-03 17:03:00.665523393 +0200 CEST") Owner name (default "default owner")
--owner.rate Owner rate (default "0.5")
--timeout Timeout duration (default "1s")
-h, --help Print Help (this message) and exit
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