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Hyper config for git bash in Windows
module.exports = {
config: {
// default font size in pixels for all tabs
fontSize: 12,
// font family with optional fallbacks
fontFamily: 'Menlo, "DejaVu Sans Mono", Consolas, "Lucida Console", monospace',
// terminal cursor background color and opacity (hex, rgb, hsl, hsv, hwb or cmyk)
cursorColor: 'rgba(248,28,229,0.8)',
// `BEAM` for |, `UNDERLINE` for _, `BLOCK` for █
cursorShape: 'BLOCK',
// color of the text
foregroundColor: '#fff',
// terminal background color
backgroundColor: '#000',
// border color (window, tabs)
borderColor: '#333',
// custom css to embed in the main window
css: '',
// custom css to embed in the terminal window
termCSS: '',
// set to `true` (without backticks) if you're using a Linux setup that doesn't show native menus
// default: `false` on Linux, `true` on Windows (ignored on macOS)
showHamburgerMenu: '',
// set to `false` if you want to hide the minimize, maximize and close buttons
// additionally, set to `'left'` if you want them on the left, like in Ubuntu
// default: `true` on windows and Linux (ignored on macOS)
showWindowControls: '',
// custom padding (css format, i.e.: `top right bottom left`)
padding: '12px 14px',
// the full list. if you're going to provide the full color palette,
// including the 6 x 6 color cubes and the grayscale map, just provide
// an array here instead of a color map object
colors: {
black: '#000000',
red: '#ff0000',
green: '#33ff00',
yellow: '#ffff00',
blue: '#0066ff',
magenta: '#cc00ff',
cyan: '#00ffff',
white: '#d0d0d0',
lightBlack: '#808080',
lightRed: '#ff0000',
lightGreen: '#33ff00',
lightYellow: '#ffff00',
lightBlue: '#0066ff',
lightMagenta: '#cc00ff',
lightCyan: '#00ffff',
lightWhite: '#ffffff'
// the shell to run when spawning a new session (i.e. /usr/local/bin/fish)
// if left empty, your system's login shell will be used by default
// make sure to use a full path if the binary name doesn't work
// (e.g `C:\\Windows\\System32\\bash.exe` instad of just `bash.exe`)
// if you're using powershell, make sure to remove the `--login` below
shell: 'C:\\Program Files\\Git\\git-cmd.exe',
// for setting shell arguments (i.e. for using interactive shellArgs: ['-i'])
// by default ['--login'] will be used
shellArgs: ['--command=usr/bin/bash.exe', '-l', '-i'],
// for environment variables
env: { TERM: 'cygwin'},
// set to false for no bell
bell: 'SOUND',
// if true, selected text will automatically be copied to the clipboard
copyOnSelect: false
// if true, on right click selected text will be copied or pasted if no
// selection is present (true by default on Windows)
// quickEdit: true
// URL to custom bell
// bellSoundURL: '',
// for advanced config flags please refer to
// a list of plugins to fetch and install from npm
// format: [@org/]project[#version]
// examples:
// `hyperpower`
// `@company/project`
// `project#1.0.1`
plugins: [],
// in development, you can create a directory under
// `~/.hyper_plugins/local/` and include it here
// to load it and avoid it being `npm install`ed
localPlugins: []
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Mo-Shakib commented Jan 23, 2021

How to fix this? and where is the hyper.js file?

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ghost commented Jan 27, 2021

muito obrigado

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Kheem-Dh commented Feb 8, 2021

I don't know how to use this file....any help ? i'm really new on this hyper console =( and I want to use it with git..

Select dropdown from left top corner , go to edit then select preferneces , text file will be open , paste the above code in and save it,

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YO-SC commented Mar 5, 2021

Worked for me, thanks! 😎 💪

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jvegax commented Mar 25, 2021


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hamidKMB commented Mar 28, 2021

Hey Guys,
i just want to remind you if you changed the way of installation of git-bash like change it from 'C:\Program Files\Git\git-cmd.exe' to any location , then you should change the line 69 of hyper.js and instead that paste the new location.

thanks !

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laila-chk commented Apr 9, 2021

creating a hidden file using .fileName doesn't work, how can i fix this? (all it does is creating a normal file named .fileName )

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SajidHShanta commented Apr 10, 2021


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slayk commented Apr 11, 2021

Thank you. :)

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shiva3312 commented Apr 25, 2021

I don't know how to use this file....any help ? i'm really new on this hyper console =( and I want to use it with git..

copy whatever code is given and open the hyper terminal and go into edit then preferences and delete older code and paste this new code and save by ctrl + s you all set now close and reopen the terminal ......

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wx85745997 commented May 25, 2021


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santodass commented May 25, 2021

For linux ubuntu its not working

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vishwa-vbn commented May 25, 2021

do this if hyper terminal not showing command line!.

shell: 'C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe',

it worked for me . give exact path where it is stored .

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alenworld commented Jun 27, 2021


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sanjaykumar584 commented Jun 28, 2021

git error
How should I solve this..Please help me out

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MubAloufi commented Jul 6, 2021


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Ahmadam37 commented Jul 9, 2021

After i added the configuration, i cant open the hyper app, and my OS is the last version of windows.

Any help??

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shareef99 commented Jul 17, 2021
A good blog to know more about the hyper terminal setup and beautifying it.

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shareef99 commented Jul 17, 2021

Why open command not works?

Have got your answer??

I am getting the same problem.....

"OPEN" does not work for Windows, Use "START" instead, it will definitely work

explorer also works the same

~ explorer someName.pdf
// it opens the default pdf viewer.

~ explorer
// It opens the windows explorer

~ explorer .
// It opens the windows explorer in the current directory/path.

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milaluu commented Jul 18, 2021

Check whether git bash is installed in "C:\Program Files\Git\git-cmd.exe". If you changed the location of git bash , then try to find the new location and replace the default one in line 69.

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danielglove commented Jul 24, 2021

What worked for me, only 2 changes to the default config.

    shell: 'C:\\Program Files\\Git\\bin\\sh.exe',
    shellArgs: ['--login', '-i'],

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone

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iaadikumar commented Aug 31, 2021


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mahmoudjaber2021 commented Sep 3, 2021

If you're having trouble re-launching Hyper after changing the config, you might find the following helpful:

On Windows 10, Hyper initially wouldn't re-launch for me after I pasted in and saved the new config text. After banging my head against the wall for a while, I realized that the directory that the shell setting in the config was pointing to didn't actually exist on my computer. Git had installed elsewhere; I determined where by typing 'Git' into the Start bar, clicking 'Open file location' under 'Git CMD', right-clicking on the shortcut in its folder, and selecting from the menu 'Open file location' once more. For me, Git had installed in C:\Users[myUserName]\AppData\Local\Programs\Git.

tl;dr in my case I was able to get it working by replacing "shell: 'C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe'," in the config with "shell: 'C:\Users[myUserName]\AppData\Local\Programs\Git\bin\sh.exe',"

thank you works for me

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jaspreet11111111 commented Sep 3, 2021

why after updating my hyper preferences, I cannot be able to use commands like sudo and nodemon...
Screenshot (423)

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Manjellion commented Sep 4, 2021

Thank you!

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v1699 commented Oct 8, 2021

Why open command not works? capture

use start instead of open it works

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patrick-dwyer commented Dec 23, 2021


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JeevanSawalkar commented Jan 6, 2022

to the ' novice coders ' who are out there, ( me included ) . who are facing the location error i.e 69th line in the above code.
uninstall hyper as well as git
again install hyper but this time keep the location as it is. install git with the pre entered location only.
then copy paste the hyper configuration code.
worked for me . good day.

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jeantrue commented Jan 15, 2022

Thank you!

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Siva-kumar-Thoti commented Jan 26, 2022

This is Too Gooddd. Thanks man

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