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Created May 29, 2018
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Naive OSM file parser
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pickle
import networkx as nx
from lxml import etree
from copy import deepcopy
filename = 'hiroshima.osm'
tree = etree.parse(filename)
G = nx.DiGraph()
# parse nodes
nodes = tree.xpath("//node")
for idx, n in enumerate(nodes):
nid = n.attrib['id']
nx = n.attrib['lat']
ny = n.attrib['lon']
G.add_node(nid, x=nx, y=ny)
# parse edges
ways = tree.xpath("//way")
for idx, e in enumerate(ways):
eid = e.attrib['id']
ndrefs = e.xpath("nd")
ndlist = [ndref.attrib['ref'] for ndref in ndrefs]
ndhighs = e.xpath("tag")
ndhighs = [n for n in ndhighs if n.attrib['k'] == 'highway']
ndoway = [n for n in ndhighs if n.attrib['k'] == 'oneway']
for i in range(len(ndlist) - 1):
j = i + 1
ni = ndlist[i]
nj = ndlist[j]
is_oneway = False if not ndoway else (True if ndoway[0].attrib['v'] == 'yes' else False)
if ndhighs:
G.add_edge(ni, nj, highway=ndhighs[0].attrib['v'])
if not is_oneway:
G.add_edge(nj, ni, highway=ndhighs[0].attrib['v'])
G.add_edge(ni, nj)
if not is_oneway:
G.add_edge(nj, ni)
# save graph by removing degree 0 vertices
GG = deepcopy(G)
for v in G.nodes():
if == 0:
# output
pickle.dump(GG, open("G.pickle", "wb"))
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