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Created Nov 18, 2015
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How a Java 8 Stream acts as a Functor
import java.util.function.Function;
public class Example {
static class A {}
static class B {}
static class C {}
static B aToB(A a) { return new B(); }
static C bToC(B b) { return new C(); }
static Function<Stream<A>, Stream<B>> streamAToStreamB
= streamA ->;
static Function<Stream<B>, Stream<C>> streamBToStreamC
= streamA ->;
static Function<Stream<A>, Stream<C>> streamAtoStreamC
= streamA -> streamBToStreamC.apply(streamAToStreamB.apply(streamA));
static Function<Stream<A>, Stream<C>> streamAtoStreamC2
= streamA -> -> bToC(aToB(a)));
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