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Created Jun 30, 2020
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def bfs(graph, start_vertex, target_value):
path = [start_vertex]
vertex_and_path = [start_vertex, path]
bfs_queue = [vertex_and_path]
visited = set()
while bfs_queue:
current_vertex, path = bfs_queue.pop(0)
for neighbor in graph[current_vertex]:
if neighbor not in visited:
if neighbor == target_value:
return path + [neighbor]
bfs_queue.append([neighbor, path + [neighbor]])
def dfs(graph, current_vertex, target_value, visited = None):
if visited is None:
visited = []
if current_vertex == target_value:
return visited
for neighbor in graph[current_vertex]:
if neighbor not in visited:
path = dfs(graph, neighbor, target_value, visited)
if path:
return path
landmark_choices = {
'a': 'Marine Building',
'b': 'Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium',
'c': 'Vancouver Aquarium',
'd': 'Vancouver Lookout',
'e': 'Canada Place',
'f': 'Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary',
'g': 'Library Square',
'h': 'B.C. Place Stadium',
'i': 'Lions Gate Bridge',
'j': 'Gastown Steam Clock',
'k': 'Waterfront Station',
'l': 'Granville Street',
'm': 'Pacific Central Station',
'n': 'Prospect Point Lighthouse',
'o': 'Queen Elizabeth Theatre',
'p': 'Stanley Park',
'q': 'Granville Island Public Market',
'r': 'Kitsilano Beach',
's': 'Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden',
't': 'Museum of Vancouver',
'u': 'Science World',
'v': 'Robson Square',
'w': 'Samson V Maritime Museum',
'x': 'Burnaby Lake',
'y': 'Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre',
'z': 'Central Park'
from graph_search import bfs, dfs
from vc_metro import vc_metro
from vc_landmarks import vc_landmarks
from landmark_choices import landmark_choices
# Build your program below:
landmark_string = ""
for letter, landmark in landmark_choices.items():
landmark_string += "{0} - {1}\n".format(letter, landmark)
stations_under_construction = ["King Edward", "Olympic Village"]
def get_active_stations():
updated_metro = vc_metro
for station_under_construction in stations_under_construction:
for current_station, neighboring_stations in vc_metro.items():
if current_station != station_under_construction:
updated_metro[current_station] -= set(stations_under_construction)
updated_metro[current_station] = set([])
return updated_metro
def greet():
print("Hi there and welcome to SkyRoute!")
print("We'll help you find the shortest route between the following Vancouver landmarks:\n" + landmark_string)
def skyroute():
def set_start_and_end(start_point, end_point):
if start_point:
change_point = input("What would you like to change? You can enter 'o' for 'origin', 'd' for 'destination', or 'b' for 'both': ")
if change_point == "b":
start_point, end_point = get_start(), get_end()
elif change_point == "o":
start_point = get_start()
elif change_point == "d":
end_point = get_end()
print("Bitch can you read, that isn't 'o', 'd', or 'b'.")
set_start_and_end(start_point, end_point)
start_point = get_start()
end_point = get_end()
return start_point, end_point
def get_start():
start_point_letter = input("Where are you coming from? Type in the corresponding letter: ")
if start_point_letter in landmark_choices.keys():
start_point = landmark_choices[start_point_letter]
return start_point
print("Try again, dipshit.")
return get_start()
def get_end():
end_point_letter = input("Where are you going? Type in the corresponding letter: ")
if end_point_letter in landmark_choices.keys():
end_point = landmark_choices[end_point_letter]
return end_point
print("Try again, dipshit.")
return get_end()
def new_route(start_point=None, end_point=None):
start_point, end_point = set_start_and_end(start_point, end_point)
same_place = check_in_same_place(start_point, end_point)
if same_place:
print("Both {0} and {1} are near the same station:\n{2}".format(start_point, end_point, same_place))
shortest_route = get_route(start_point, end_point)
if shortest_route is not None:
shortest_route_string = '\n'.join(shortest_route)
print("The shortest metro route from {0} to {1} is:\n{2}".format(start_point, end_point, shortest_route_string))
print("Unfortunately, there is currently no path between {0} and {1} due to maintenance.".format(start_point, end_point))
again = input("Would you like to see another route? Enter y/n: ")
if again == "y":
new_route(start_point, end_point)
elif again != "n":
print("YES or NO, dumbass! Gonna assume no.")
def check_in_same_place(start_point, end_point):
start_stations = vc_landmarks[start_point]
end_stations = vc_landmarks[end_point]
for station in start_stations:
if station in end_stations:
return station
def show_landmarks():
see_landmarks = input("Would you like to see the list of landmarks again? Enter y/n: ")
if see_landmarks == "y":
elif see_landmarks != "n":
print("YES or NO! Gonna assume no")
def get_route(start_point, end_point):
start_stations = vc_landmarks[start_point]
end_stations = vc_landmarks[end_point]
routes = []
for start_station in start_stations:
for end_station in end_stations:
metro_system = get_active_stations() if stations_under_construction else vc_metro
if len(stations_under_construction) > 0:
possible_route = dfs(metro_system, start_station, end_station)
if not possible_route:
return None
route = bfs(metro_system, start_station, end_station)
if route:
shortest_route = min(routes, key=len)
return shortest_route
def goodbye():
print("Thanks for using SkyRoute!")
#print(get_route("Gastown Steam Clock", "Waterfront Station"))
vc_landmarks = {
'Marine Building': set(['Burrard', 'Waterfront']),
'Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium': set(['King Edward']),
'Vancouver Aquarium': set(['Burrard']),
'Vancouver Lookout': set(['Waterfront']),
'Canada Place': set(['Burrard', 'Waterfront']),
'Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary': set(['Vancouver City Centre', 'Granville']),
'Library Square': set(['Vancouver City Centre', 'Stadium-Chinatown']),
'B.C. Place Stadium': set(['Stadium-Chinatown']),
'Lions Gate Bridge': set(['Burrard']),
'Gastown Steam Clock': set(['Waterfront']),
'Waterfront Station': set(['Waterfront']),
'Granville Street': set(['Granville', 'Vancouver City Centre']),
'Pacific Central Station': set(['Main Street-Science World']),
'Prospect Point Lighthouse': set(['Burrard']),
'Queen Elizabeth Theatre': set(['Stadium-Chinatown']),
'Stanley Park': set(['Burrard']),
'Granville Island Public Market': set(['Yaletown-Roundhouse']),
'Kitsilano Beach': set(['Olympic Village']),
'Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden': set(['Stadium-Chinatown']),
'Museum of Vancouver': set(['Yaletown-Roundhouse']),
'Science World': set(['Main Street-Science World']),
'Robson Square': set(['Vancouver City Centre']),
'Samson V Maritime Museum': set(['Columbia']),
'Burnaby Lake': set(['Sperling / Burnaby Lake', 'Lake City Way', 'Production Way / University']),
'Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre': set(['Edmonds']),
'Central Park': set(['Patterson', 'Metrotown'])
vc_metro = {
'Richmond-Brighouse': set(['Lansdowne']),
'Lansdowne': set(['Richmond-Brighouse', 'Aberdeen']),
'Aberdeen': set(['Lansdowne', 'Bridgeport']),
'Bridgeport': set(['Aberdeen', 'Templeton', 'Marine Drive']),
'YVR-Airport': set(['Sea Island Centre']),
'Sea Island Centre': set(['YVR-Airport', 'Templeton']),
'Templeton': set(['Sea Island Centre', 'Bridgeport']),
'Marine Drive': set(['Bridgeport', 'Langara-49th Avenue']),
'Langara-49th Avenue': set(['Marine Drive', 'Oakbridge-41st Avenue']),
'Oakbridge-41st Avenue': set(['Langara-49th Avenue', 'King Edward']),
'King Edward': set(['Oakbridge-41st Avenue', 'Broadway-City Hall']),
'Broadway-City Hall': set(['King Edward', 'Olympic Village']),
'Olympic Village': set(['Broadway-City Hall', 'Yaletown-Roundhouse']),
'Yaletown-Roundhouse': set(['Olympic Village', 'Vancouver City Centre']),
'Vancouver City Centre': set(['Yaletown-Roundhouse', 'Waterfront']),
'Waterfront': set(['Vancouver City Centre', 'Burrard']),
'Burrard': set(['Waterfront', 'Granville']),
'Granville': set(['Burrard', 'Stadium-Chinatown']),
'Stadium-Chinatown': set(['Granville', 'Main Street-Science World']),
'Main Street-Science World': set(['Stadium-Chinatown', 'Commercial-Broadway']),
'Commercial-Broadway': set(['VCC-Clark', 'Main Street-Science World', 'Renfrew', 'Nanaimo']),
'VCC-Clark': set(['Commercial-Broadway']),
'Nanaimo': set(['Commercial-Broadway', '29th Avenue']),
'29th Avenue': set(['Nanaimo', 'Joyce-Collingwood']),
'Joyce-Collingwood': set(['29th Avenue', 'Patterson']),
'Patterson': set(['Joyce-Collingwood', 'Metrotown']),
'Metrotown': set(['Patterson', 'Royal Oak']),
'Royal Oak': set(['Metrotown', 'Edmonds']),
'Edmonds': set(['Royal Oak', '22nd Street']),
'22nd Street': set(['Edmonds', 'New Westminster']),
'New Westminster': set(['22nd Street', 'Columbia']),
'Columbia': set(['New Westminster', 'Sapperton', 'Scott Road']),
'Scott Road': set(['Columbia', 'Gateway']),
'Gateway': set(['Scott Road', 'Surrey Central']),
'Surrey Central': set(['Gateway', 'King George']),
'King George': set(['Surrey Central']),
'Sapperton': set(['Columbia', 'Braid']),
'Braid': set(['Sapperton', 'Lougheed Town Centre']),
'Lougheed Town Centre': set(['Braid', 'Production Way / University', 'Burquitlam']),
'Burquitlam': set(['Lougheed Town Centre', 'Moody Centre']),
'Moody Centre': set(['Burquitlam', 'Inlet Centre']),
'Inlet Centre': set(['Moody Centre', 'Coquitlam Central']),
'Coquitlam Central': set(['Inlet Centre', 'Lincoln']),
'Lincoln': set(['Coquitlam Central', 'Lafarge Lake-Douglas']),
'Lafarge Lake-Douglas': set(['Lincoln']),
'Production Way / University': set(['Lougheed Town Centre', 'Lake City Way']),
'Lake City Way': set(['Production Way / University', 'Sperling / Burnaby Lake']),
'Sperling / Burnaby Lake': set(['Lake City Way', 'Holdom']),
'Holdom': set(['Sperling / Burnaby Lake', 'Brentwood Town Centre']),
'Brentwood Town Centre': set(['Holdom', 'Gilmore']),
'Gilmore': set(['Brentwood Town Centre', 'Rupert']),
'Rupert': set(['Gilmore', 'Renfrew']),
'Renfrew': set(['Rupert', 'Commercial-Broadway'])
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