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codecademydev/Program.cs Secret

Created Mar 15, 2020
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using System;
namespace ChooseYourOwnAdventure
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
// Start by asking for the user's name:
Console.Write("What is your name?: ");
string name = Console.ReadLine();
Console.WriteLine($"Hello, {name}! Welcome to our story.");
Console.WriteLine("It begins on a cold rainy night. You're sitting in your room and hear a noise coming from down the hall. Do you go investigate?");
Console.Write("Type YES or NO:");
string noiseChoice = Console.ReadLine();
noiseChoice = noiseChoice.ToUpper();
if (noiseChoice == "NO") {
Console.WriteLine("Not much of an adventure if we don't leave our room! THE END.");
} else if (noiseChoice == "YES") {
Console.WriteLine("You walk into the hallway and see a light coming from under a door down the hall. You walk towards it. Do you open it or knock?");
Console.Write("Type OPEN or KNOCK:");
string doorChoice = Console.ReadLine();
doorChoice = doorChoice.ToUpper();
if (doorChoice == "KNOCK") {
Console.WriteLine("A voice behind the door speaks. It says, Answer this riddle: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?");
Console.Write("Type your answer:");
string riddleAnswer = Console.ReadLine();
riddleAnswer = riddleAnswer.ToUpper();
if (riddleAnswer == "NOTHING") {
Console.WriteLine("The door opens and NOTHING is there. You turn off the light and run back to your room and lock the door. THE END.");
} else {
Console.WriteLine("You answered incorrectly. The door doesn't open. THE END.");
} else if (doorChoice == "OPEN") {
Console.WriteLine("The door is locked! See if one of your three keys will open it.");
Console.Write("Enter a number (1-3):");
string keyChoice = Console.ReadLine();
switch (keyChoice)
case "1":
Console.WriteLine("You choose the first key. The door doesn't open. THE END.");
case "2":
Console.WriteLine("You choose the second key. Lucky choice! The door opens and NOTHING is there. Strange...THE END.");
case "3":
Console.WriteLine("You choose the third key. The door doesn't open. THE END.");
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