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Created Jul 4, 2019
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# These are the emails you will be censoring. The open() function is opening the text file that the emails are contained in and the .read() method is allowing us to save their contexts to the following variables:
email_one = open("email_one.txt", "r").read()
email_two = open("email_two.txt", "r").read()
email_three = open("email_three.txt", "r").read()
email_four = open("email_four.txt", "r").read()
proprietary_terms = ["she", "personality matrix", "sense of self", "self-preservation", "learning algorithm", "her", "herself"]
def censor(email):
return email.replace("learning algorithms", "******** *******")
def censor2(email):
e = email.split()
n = []
for terms in proprietary_terms:
for word in e:
if terms == word:
return " ".join(n)
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