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Animate a div based on scroll position Angular 4.3
<div class="box" [@scrollAnimation]="state">
<img src="">
import { Component, HostListener, ElementRef } from '@angular/core';
import {
} from '@angular/animations';
selector: 'content-box',
templateUrl: './content-box.component.html',
styleUrls: ['./content-box.component.scss'],
animations: [
trigger('scrollAnimation', [
state('show', style({
opacity: 1,
transform: "translateX(0)"
state('hide', style({
opacity: 0,
transform: "translateX(-100%)"
transition('show => hide', animate('700ms ease-out')),
transition('hide => show', animate('700ms ease-in'))
export class ContentBoxComponent {
state = 'hide'
constructor(public el: ElementRef) { }
@HostListener('window:scroll', ['$event'])
checkScroll() {
const componentPosition = this.el.nativeElement.offsetTop
const scrollPosition = window.pageYOffset
if (scrollPosition >= componentPosition) {
this.state = 'show'
} else {
this.state = 'hide'
A whole bunch of text......
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a good approach, but for only one div that needs to be animated. If you have multiple div elements, you won't be able to animate as scrolling down

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