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Python script for printing out an account's tweets
Script for printing out tweets from a given account
Sample usage:
python qikipedia
import twitter
import sys
# Put your credentials in a module
from config import * # noqa
api = twitter.Api(
# Filters
def ignore_retweets(tweet):
if not tweet.text.startswith("RT"):
return tweet
def word_of_the_day(tweet):
if tweet.text.startswith("Word of the day"):
return tweet
# Stop functions
NEVER = lambda _: True
# Core tweet printing
def write_tweets(username, writer, filters=(), stop_fn=NEVER):
Write tweets to the given file-object
Filters are functions that take a tweet and return either a filtered version of the tweet text
or None if the tweet is to be filtered out.
The stop function defines when to stop iterating.
for tweet in filtered_tweets(username, filters=filters, stop_fn=stop_fn):
writer.write("%s - %s - %s\n" % (tweet.text,, url(tweet)))
def url(tweet):
# username doesn't matter, it will get redirected
return "" %
def filtered_tweets(username, filters, stop_fn):
for tweet in tweets(username, stop_fn=stop_fn):
filtered_tweet = filter_tweet(tweet, filters)
if filtered_tweet is not None:
yield filtered_tweet
def filter_tweet(tweet, filters):
for f in filters:
tweet = f(tweet)
if tweet is None:
return tweet
def tweets(username, stop_fn, batch_size=10):
Return a generator that emits tweet status objects
max_id = None
while True:
# Fetch tweets in batches
statuses = api.GetUserTimeline(screen_name=username, max_id=max_id, count=batch_size)
if len(statuses) == 0:
for status in statuses:
yield status
max_id = - 1
if __name__ == "__main__":
username = sys.argv[1]
writer = sys.stdout
# Pass custom filters here
filters = [
write_tweets(username, writer, filters)
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Could you do a tutorial on how to use this please

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  1. Install the Python twitter client (pip install python-twitter)
  2. Create a file with your credentials for python-twitter client (see docs for python-twitter)
  3. Run with python $USERNAME
  4. Adapt the filter functions that are passed in if you want to filter out certain tweets

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