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Agile works

Agile Works!

Building and delivering Small modules in sprints over the whole application at once.

Agile Manifesto:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  2. Working Software over Comprehensive Document

  3. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

  4. Responding to change over initial plan

  5. Change of plan anytime during development

  6. Regular releases and frequent demos to the customer Example: Scrum and XP -> shippable features in 2-4 weeks

  7. Team Communication: Daily standup meeting helps locating issues easily. Build projects around motived and passionate people. Give them support they need.

  8. Excellence in design: Working Software is the most important feat to achieve in any project. Always pay close attentions to technical excellence and good design enhanced agility. Right amount work should be done. Build what you need first than the whole thing.

  9. Over Doing Documentation shouldn’t be of much help

small code document is much better than whole product spec

Agile Methodologies:

  • Scrum

    parent method to most methods

  • Extreme programming(XP)

    disciplined high customer involvement, rapid feedback, continuos testing, typically once in three weeks. small releases and pair programming continuos integration.

  • Crystal

    clear yellow and orange. customized agile solution. Dynamic systems development method (DSDM)

  • Feature Driven Design (FDD)]

    Short iteration process. establish model shape of the project. design by feature build by feature sprints of two weeks.

  • Lean software development:

    delivering value + efficiency + team working. Rapid communication between clients and developers.

  • Kanban:

    sustainable speed

Roles in Agile:

Scrum Master : A team has a leadership role. All kind of management. Product Owner: Team member with product and domain knowledge works with users and clients.
Team Member with cross functional skills include dev testers and UI Designers. Design code test the application.

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