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mohammad ahsrafuddin ferdousi codeperl

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codeperl / BasicMysql.php
Last active Aug 29, 2017
Likhlam bose bose
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namespace Mysql;
* Class MysqlConnector.
* Wrapper class of mysqli.
class MySqlConnector {
private $connection;
codeperl /
Created Aug 25, 2017 — forked from nuhil/
Javascript Handbook

Javascript Handbook

A hand crafted markdown document contains all major Javascript topics covered, taken from different sources. Brush Up your JS memory.


Single line comments start with //. For multi-line commands, you use /* ... */

// This is a single line comment
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def create
redirect_to page.root_url unless current_user_session.nil?
@forgot_password =
if @forgot_password.validate(auth_permitted_params.tableless_forgot_password)
forgot_password_service =
unless forgot_password_service.account_holder?(auth_permitted_params.tableless_forgot_password)[:warning] = t('auth.forgot_password.create.warning_message')
render :index