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Create new ASP.NET Core solution with Entities class library, Data class library and Web MVC project
# create new solution based on input argument
create_new_solution () {
local root_dir=$1
echo creating solution : $root_dir
# create solution directory
mkdir $root_dir
dotnet new sln -o $root_dir
cd $root_dir && mkdir src && cd src
create_projects $root_dir
# create base projects
create_projects () {
local root_dir=$1 # store root directories
# create web project
echo creating web project
local web_dir=$root_dir.Web
create_proj mvc $web_dir $root_dir
echo 'done creating ' $web_dir
# create project names
all_projs='Entities Data'
for proj in $all_projs
local current_proj=$root_dir.$proj
echo creating project $current_proj
create_proj classlib $current_proj $root_dir
echo 'done creating ' $current_proj
echo adding ref to web
add_inter_proj_refs $root_dir.Web $current_proj
echo added $current_proj to $root_dir.Web
# add entity ref to data
add_inter_proj_refs $root_dir.Data $root_dir.Entities
# create project
create_proj () {
local proj_type=$1
local proj_dir=$2
local root_dir=$3
mkdir $proj_dir
dotnet new $proj_type -o $proj_dir
add_sln_reference $root_dir $proj_dir
# add solution refernce to project
add_sln_reference() {
dotnet sln ../$1.sln add $2/$2.csproj
# inter refs between projects
add_inter_proj_refs() {
dotnet add $1/$1.csproj reference $2/$2.csproj
# trigger solution creation
create_new_solution $1
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