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Quick and dirty implementation of runtime type profiling in Visual Studio Code
const vscode = require('vscode');
const path = require('path');
// puppeteer is great because it's easy to use, but it comes with 30MB headless Chrome that
// we can't use as it doesn't have `Profiler.startTypeProfile` yet. We have to point to a
// locally installed Chrome Canary instead. It's fine for a POC, but puppeteer isn't probably
// a good fit in a long run.
const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
const PATH_TO_CANARY = '/Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome\ Canary';
let browser = null;
let page = null;
function activate(context) {
const collection = vscode.languages.createDiagnosticCollection('javascript');
const disposable = vscode.commands.registerCommand('extension.typeProfile', async () => {
if (!browser) {
browser = await puppeteer.launch({ executablePath: PATH_TO_CANARY });
page = await browser.newPage();
await page.reload();
// I haven't found an official way to send CDP commands directly via puppeteer, so I'm using
// a private API here (remember it's a POC!)
await page._client.send('Runtime.enable');
await page._client.send('Profiler.enable');
await page._client.send('Profiler.startTypeProfile');
const document = vscode.window.activeTextEditor.document;
const fileName = path.basename(document.uri.toString());
// Compile script
const { scriptId, exceptionDetails } = await page._client.send('Runtime.compileScript', {
expression: document.getText(),
sourceURL: fileName,
persistScript: true
if (exceptionDetails) {
// Exception lineNumber and columnNumber can be used to highlight offending code.
vscode.window.showErrorMessage(`Error compiling script: ${exceptionDetails.text} ${exceptionDetails.lineNumber}:${exceptionDetails.columnNumber}`);
// Execute script
await page._client.send('Runtime.runScript', { scriptId });
const { result } = await page._client.send('Profiler.takeTypeProfile');
const script = result.find(script => script.url === fileName);
if (script) {
const document = vscode.window.activeTextEditor.document;
const diagnostics = => {
// I'm highlighting only 1 character, it'd be better to highlight whole symbol
const typePositionStart = document.positionAt(entry.offset);
const typePositionEnd = new vscode.Position(typePositionStart.line, typePositionStart.character + 1);
const range = new vscode.Range(typePositionStart, typePositionEnd);
const typesString = =>' or ');
return new vscode.Diagnostic(range, `V8 says it's a ${typesString}`, vscode.DiagnosticSeverity.Information);
collection.set(document.uri, diagnostics);
await page._client.send('Profiler.stopTypeProfile');
await page._client.send('Profiler.disable');
await page._client.send('Runtime.disable');
exports.activate = activate;
async function deactivate() {
if (browser) {
await browser.close();
exports.deactivate = deactivate;
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