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Most depended on Raku packages (2021-11-24)

This list was generated using the Citation Indices module by Richard Hainsworth (finanalyst) and lists the 30 most-often-depended-modules in the Raku ecosystem as of 2021-11-24 (including both direct and transitive dependencies). For more info, see the ModuleCitation module; thanks, Richard!

Module Name Recursive Citation Index Module Description
JSON::Fast 42.37
MIME::Base64 31.45 Encoding and decoding Base64 ASCII strings
File::Directory::Tree 30.89 Port of File::Path::Tiny - create and delete directory trees
URI 28.44 A URI implementation using Raku grammars to implement RFC 3986 BNF
OpenSSL 24.11 OpenSSL bindings
File::Temp 23.35
File::Find 19.02 File::Find for Raku
File::Which 18.27 Cross platform Perl 6 executable path finder (aka which on UNIX)
HTTP::Status 16.76 Get the text message associated with an HTTP status code
DateTime::Parse 16.57 DateTime parser
Terminal::ANSIColor 16.57 Colorize terminal output
JSON::OptIn 16.38
JSON::Name 16.2
JSON::Unmarshal 15.63 Turn JSON into objects
JSON::Marshal 15.44
JSON::Tiny 15.25
JSON::Class 15.07
Shell::Command 14.12 Common shell command replacements
IO::Socket::SSL 13.94 IO::Socket::SSL for Perl 6 using OpenSSL
META6 12.62
Digest 12.43 Pure perl6 implementation of digest algorigthms.
Encode 12.24 Character encodings in Perl 6
LibraryMake 12.24 An attempt to simplify native compilation
HTTP::UserAgent 11.86 Web user agent
License::SPDX 11.68
Test::META 11.49
YAMLish 10.92 a YAML parser/emitter written in pure raku
OO::Monitors 10.73
Digest::HMAC 10.55 Generic HMAC implementation
Hash::Merge 9.6
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