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Created February 21, 2022 20:22
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Grammar::Handles, a Raku module for grammar delegation
# Grammar::Handles
my module Grammar::Handles::Helpers {
class X::Grammar::Can'tHandle is Exception {
has $.type is required;
multi method CALL-ME(|c) { die|c)}
method message { q:to/§err/.trim.indent(2);
The `handles` grammar trait expects a Grammar, the name
of a Grammar, a Pair with a Grammar value, or a list of
any of those types. But `handles` was called with:
\qq[{$!type.raku} of type ({$!type.WHAT.raku})]
class X::Grammar::NotFound is Exception {
has $.name;
multi method CALL-ME(|c) { die|c)}
method message { qq:to/§err/.trim.indent(2);
The `handles` grammar trait tried to handle a grammar
named '$!name' but couldn't find a grammar by that name
#| A helper select the right error more concisely on the happy path
sub pick-err($_, :$name, |c) {
when X::TypeCheck::Assignment { X::Grammar::Can'tHandle(:type(.got)) }
when X::NoSuchSymbol { X::Grammar::NotFound(:$name) }}
#| Install a method for each known token-name that delegates
#| to the correct Grammar delegee and passes the arguments
#| that the user supplied in their .parse call
my method install-tokens(Mu: :%tokens,
:%delegee-args) is export {
for %tokens.kv -> $name, Grammar $delegee {
my method TOKEN(:$actions, :$rule='TOP',
:$args) is hidden-from-backtrace {
given %delegee-args{$name} {
.<actions> = $actions unless .<actions>:exists;
.<args> = $args unless .<args>:exists;
.<rule> = $rule unless .<rule>:exists }
$delegee.subparse: $.orig, :pos($.to),
:from($.from), |%delegee-args{$name}
self.^add_method: $name, &TOKEN }
#| Transforms the &thunk passed to `handles` into a hash
#| where the keys provide token names to install and the
#| values are the delegee Grammars
sub build-token-hash(&thunk --> Map()) is export {
proto thunk-mapper(| --> Pair) {*}
multi thunk-mapper(Grammar $g) { $g.^name => $g }
multi thunk-mapper(Str $name) {
my Grammar $gram = try ::($name);
$! ?? pick-err($!, :$name)
!! $name => $gram }
multi thunk-mapper(Pair (:key($name), :value($_), |)) {
when Grammar { $name => $_ }
when Str { $name => thunk-mapper($_).value }
default { #`[type err] thunk-mapper $_ }}
multi thunk-mapper(Mu $invalid-type) {
pick-err (try my Grammar $ = $invalid-type) // $! }
thunk().map: &thunk-mapper
#| Overrides the &parse, &subparse, and &parsefile methods with
#| a method that loads %delegee-args with named arguments whose
#| name matches a known $token-name
my method wrap-parse-methods(Mu: :@token-names,
:%delegee-args) is export {
# despite the |, without vv, this sig rejects positionals
my multi method wrapper ($?, *%args, |)
is hidden-from-backtrace {
for @token-names -> $name {
next unless %args{$name}:exists;
if %args{$name}.first({$_ !~~ Map|Pair}, :p) {
:symbol($name), :expected(Hash()),
got => %args{$name} }
= %args{$name}.Hash;
nextsame }
for |<parse subparse parsefile> -> $meth-name {
self.^add_multi_method: $meth-name, &wrapper }
#`[end module Grammar::Handles::Helpers] }
multi trait_mod:<handles>(Mu:U $grammar, &thunk) {
import Grammar::Handles::Helpers;
# Ensure we don't mess w/ non-grammar &handles candidates
when $grammar.HOW
.get_default_parent_type !=:= Grammar { nextsame }
# vvv The name for our new token
my Grammar %tokens{Str} = build-token-hash &thunk;
# ^^^^^^^ the Grammar the token delegates to
my %delegee-args;
# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ where [sub]?parse[file]? methods save
# args for the delegee Grammar (keyed by token name)
$grammar.&wrap-parse-methods: :%delegee-args,
$grammar.&install-tokens: :%tokens, :%delegee-args;
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