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View test.go
package main
import (
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# HubCrypt
# ========
# Decrypt a file encrypted using hubencrypt (ok, it's just openssl + rsautl +
# your SSH keys). It needs the private key that matches your last public key
# listed at<user>.keys
View showif.c
/* showif.c : PUBLIC DOMAIN - Jon Mayo - August 22, 2006
* - You may remove any comments you wish, modify this code any way you wish,
* and distribute any way you wish.*/
/* finds all network interfaces and shows a little information about them.
* some operating systems list interfaces multiple times because of different
* flags, modes, etc. if you want to use this code you should be aware that
* duplicate interfaces is a possibility */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
View gist:b5e7520834ae002b828d
* GOZORK Text Adventure Game
* by apoc <>
* Inspired by the infamous beginning of Zork I.
* Reading the source will obviously spoil the game.
* The goal is to somehow kill the troll.
* Oh yeah and: This is my first GO program! Which would be
* my perfect excuse for the bad code quality1!
* Here is a solution/transcript:
View gist:b6bbcd50a1e1f82d51d6

General key themes:

  • Hiring is really hard. You’re not just hiring a “Rails Engineer” or a “Python Programmer” you’re hiring someone who can help you change the world. Tell them why! Talk about the hard problems you’re solving. 2/3 of these talks give ideas and insight into hiring from sourcing to actual interview processes.

  • Rewriting systems is hard. People think they are going to replace their broken down horse and buggie with a bullet train and this often ends up in disaster. Successful rewrites require an incremental approach that takes months/years and often runs way over schedule. 2/3 of these talks go over how to handle rewrites not only from a high level technical perspective but a cultural/management perspective as well.

Two Developers, Many Lines of Code, and A Campaign that Made History

Harper Reed (CTO of Obama for America, now CEO of Modest) and Dylan Richard (Director of Eng of Obama for America, now CTO of Modest)

View git-squash
git rebase --interactive --autosquash \
$(git merge-base $(git symbolic-ref --short HEAD) master)
View hash_filter.rb
require 'yaml'
class Hash
def filter(*keys)
self.inject({}) {|h,(k,v)| h[k] = v if keys.include?(k); h}
test_hash = {'one' => 1, 'two' => 2, 'three' => 3}
puts test_hash.to_yaml
View gist:280998
# Power law (log tail) distribution
# Copyright(C) 2010 Salvatore Sanfilippo
# this code is under the public domain
# min and max are both inclusive
# n is the distribution power: the higher, the more biased
def powerlaw(min,max,n)
max += 1
pl = ((max**(n+1) - min**(n+1))*rand() + min**(n+1))**(1.0/(n+1))
View redis_pubsub_demo.rb
# Author: Pieter Noordhuis
# Description: Simple demo to showcase Redis PubSub with EventMachine
# Requirements:
# - rubygems: eventmachine, thin, cramp, sinatra, yajl-ruby
# - a browser with WebSocket support
# Usage:
# ruby redis_pubsub_demo.rb