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12.2 Tell projectiles to collide with the player character and damage it
' CustomEngine class
Method OnObjectCollision:Int(obj_one:ftObject, obj_two:ftObject)
If (obj_one.GetText() = "PLAYER" And (obj_two.GetText() = "ENEMY" Or obj_two.GetText() = "FINALBOSS"))
CharacterCollision(obj_one, obj_two)
Else If (obj_two.GetText() = "PLAYER" And (obj_one.GetText() = "ENEMY" Or obj_one.GetText() = "FINALBOSS"))
CharacterCollision(obj_two, obj_one)
'Update projectile collision to check for collision with the player
If (obj_one.GetText() = "PROJECTILE" And
(obj_two.GetText() = "ENEMY" Or obj_two.GetText() = "FINALBOSS" Or obj_two.GetText() = "PLAYER"))
ProjectileCollision(obj_one, obj_two)
Else If (obj_two.GetText() = "PROJECTILE" And
(obj_one.GetText() = "ENEMY" Or obj_one.GetText() = "FINALBOSS" Or obj_one.GetText() = "PLAYER"))
ProjectileCollision(obj_two, obj_one)
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