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@codingwithsara codingwithsara/functions.php Secret
Created Dec 14, 2018

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WordPress Quiz Cat のカスタマイズと日本語化
// ここから
if ( defined ('FCA_QC_PLUGIN_DIR') ) {
$global_quiz_text_strings = array (
'no_quiz_found' => __('クイズがみつかりません', 'quiz-cat'),
'correct' => __('正解!', 'quiz-cat'),
'wrong' => __('不正解...', 'quiz-cat'),
'your_answer' => __('あなたの回答:', 'quiz-cat'),
'correct_answer' => __('正解:', 'quiz-cat'),
'question' => __('問題', 'quiz-cat'),
'next' => __('Next', 'quiz-cat'),
'you_got' => __('You got', 'quiz-cat'),
'out_of' => __('out of', 'quiz-cat'),
'your_answers' => __('Your Answers', 'quiz-cat'),
'start_quiz' => __('START', 'quiz-cat'),
'retake_quiz' => __('Retake Quiz', 'quiz-cat'),
'share_results' => __('SHARE YOUR RESULTS', 'quiz-cat'),
'i_got' => __('I got', 'quiz-cat'),
'skip_this_step' => __('Skip this step', 'quiz-cat'),
'your_name' => __('Your Name', 'quiz-cat'),
'your_email' => __('Your Email', 'quiz-cat'),
'share' => __('Share', 'quiz-cat'),
'tweet' => __('Tweet', 'quiz-cat'),
'pin' => __('Pin', 'quiz-cat'),
'email' => __('Email', 'quiz-cat')
// ここまで追加
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