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Automator Service which allows you to easily find/replace all occurrences of selected text via Python

Steps to setup:

  1. Download the file "" and unzip it (you can do unzip in the Terminal or right-click and decompress from the GUI.
  2. Click the Universal Find + Replace. and install it
  3. Set a keyboard shortcut to invoke it, or use the Services dropdown by right-clicking after selecting some text (see image below for the preference pane).

NOTE: Safari 14 broke the functionality to "Output replaces selected text"; therefore this script uses a workaround of copying the output to the clipboard. As of today, you'll then need to paste this back in on Safari 14; it will automatically replace the text in other apps. See this link for more info.

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codycodes commented Sep 24, 2020

Setting a keyboard shortcut:


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