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Last active Mar 4, 2022
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CoreDNS on OS X for Nginx Ingress DNS Resolution


brew install coredns
mkdir ~/.config/coredns
cd ~/.config/coredns
git co
ln -s ~/.config/coredns /usr/local/etc/
sudo brew services restart coredns
sudo mkdir -v /etc/resolver
printf "port 1053\nnameserver\n" > /etc/resolver/codygreen.local


sudo brew services stop coredns
/usr/local/opt/coredns/bin/coredns -conf /usr/local/etc/coredns/Corefile
# test internal resolution
dig @ -p 1053 ns.codygreen.local
# test external resolution
dig @ -p 1053
# Check mDNSResponder for codygreen.local
scutil --dns
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