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Last active July 27, 2019 21:17
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def get_neighbors_4C(self, pt):
# put self.gird in your class private
x,y = pt[0], pt[1]
# x positive top down, Y to the right
maxX = len(self.grid)
maxY = len(self.grid[0])
# define the neighbor pattern
nc4 = '[[x-1,y], [x+1,y], [x,y-1], [x,y+1]]'
# generate all possible points
pts = eval(nc4)
# then only select the valid ones 这种搞法会浪费内存,但是简单不容易错,适用于大多cases
neighbors = []
for pt in pts:
x,y = pt[0], pt[1]
if 0<=x<maxX and 0<=y<maxY:
return neighbors
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