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For mister_solo, as a reply to a question on #ruote (freenode irc)


This is my ruote / ruote-kit setup in non Rails project

A Project Module

I tend to have a Project Module for my non-web projects; so that instead of calling Rails.logger I call Project.logger (Where Project would be the actual name, Such as Fubar or SameOld) same goes for ruote. It mostly ends-up in Project.engine where the code would look something like this:

module Project
  class << self
    attr_accessor :config, :root

    def engine
      @engine ||= setup_ruote_engine

    def setup_ruote_engine
, Project.config[:ruote][:storage]))

    def logger
      @logger ||= setup_logger

    def setup_logger
      logger = File.join(Project.root, Project.config[:log_file])
      logger.formatter = proc { |severity, datetime, progname, msg|
        "[#{datetime}] #{severity}: #{msg}\n"
      return logger

    # etc. etc.

combine that with a nice Yaml file for config and you're half way there.


Another 'Rails Convention' I tend to steal is to have a boot file, where I load up my Project module

# require everything
require 'bundler/setup'

# core dependencies
require 'logger'

# load paths
root   = File.expand_path('../../', __FILE__)
lib    = File.join(root, "lib")
config = File.join(root, "config")

# setup the project
require File.join(lib, "project")
Project.root   = root
Project.config = YAML.load_file(File.join(config, "project.yml"))

# ... project specific requires go here

Rack it up

Now that I have seperated and comparted everything, my rack-up file is plain and simple

require './config/boot'

RuoteKit.engine = Project.engine
RuoteKit.engine.register do

use Rack::CommonLogger
use Rack::Lint

run RuoteKit::Application

And for convenience; a shell script


/usr/bin/env rackup -p 9494 script/

A listing for completion

./script/ruote_web     # the shell script - I tend to drop the extension on executables
./data/ruote_work      # ruote storage directory, configured in project.yml

Hope that is insightfull, helpfull

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