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Description of import and export feature introduced in RethinkDB 1.7.

You can import data as follows:

# Import a JSON document into table `users` in database `my_db`
$ rethinkdb import -c HOST:PORT -f user_data.json --table my_db.users

# Import a CSV document
$ rethinkdb import -c HOST:PORT -f user_data.csv --format csv --table my_db.users

The export command works as follows:

# Export a table into a JSON file (placed in the directory
# rethinkdb_export_DATE_TIME by default)
$ rethinkdb export -c HOST:PORT -e my_db.users

# Export a table into a CSV file
$ rethinkdb export -c HOST:PORT -e my_db.users --format csv \
                   --fields first_name,last_name,address      # `--fields` is mandatory when exporting into CSV

This is only a small taste of what import and export commands can do. Run rethinkdb import --help and rethinkdb export --help for more information on these commands.

See more about the 1.7 release in the release announcement.

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BarthesSimpson commented Apr 8, 2014

Getting this error when trying to import a csv:
new-line character seen in unquoted field - do you need to open the file in universal-newline mode?

export works fine.

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