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@coffeesam /Gemfile forked from mislav/Gemfile
Created Dec 8, 2011

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How to integrate Compass with Rails 3.1 asset pipeline

Super extra minimal Compass to Rails 3.1 bootstrap

Update: these instructions are only valid until Compass version 0.12 goes stable. Then the hack won't be necessary.

Skips all of the nasty and bloated old Compass Rails integration. No need for that confusing "config/compass.rb" file, either.

Note that this will only work for simple stylesheets and probably needs extra configuration for stuff like sprites.

module Compass
if defined?(Bundler)
Bundler.require(:default, :assets, Rails.env)
module MyPrecious
class Application < Rails::Application
config.assets.enabled = true
# that's it!
config.sass.load_paths << Compass::Frameworks['compass'].stylesheets_directory
group :assets do
gem 'sass-rails', '~> 3.1.0'
gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 3.1.0'
gem 'uglifier'
gem 'compass'
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