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Over the weekend I spun up a new Elixir :ecto, "2.2.7" project that I was able to get working with CockroachDB and this adapter fork - with some caveats I wanted to share to help others.

  1. Only the root user can create databases This requires you configure the Ecto.Adapters.Postgres username as root or else the mix ecto.create command will always fail. You can go back and change your configured username to something else after the database has been created, or create your database and user permissions using cockroach sql and skip the mix ecto.create command.

  2. Configuring Ecto primary_key ID to be created by CockroachDB By default when configuring your Ecto.Schema using autogenerate: false it appears either CockroachDB, Ecto or the Postrex adapter (I did not investigate this) uses the BIGINT unique_rowid() function as the default value for IDs

@primary_key {:id, :id, autogenerate: