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Larry Kyrala coldnebo

  • Boston, MA
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coldnebo / lkdebug.rb
Created Dec 20, 2018
rails debug helper for tracking mutating state across contexts
View lkdebug.rb
# debugging helper for tracing variable changes across contexts in legacy code. The context information such as file, line,
# class and method are automatically logged for you so you can focus on tracing the state mutations through various contexts
# with ease.
# @note this top-level method may be placed in config/initializers/lkdebug.rb and used anywhere
# @note this method does nothing outside of Rails.env.development
# @note legacy examples are intentionally bad code!! You should not write code like this, but if you have to debug code like this
# you may want to dump state from various contexts within the program to understand what is going on.
# @param annotation [String] text comment providing context for the log.
coldnebo / boolean_function.rb
Created Oct 12, 2018
playing around with recomposing predicates.
View boolean_function.rb
require 'csv'
class BooleanFunction
attr_reader :inputs, :input_values, :output, :output_values
BOOLEAN_SET = [true, false]
def initialize( inputs:, output: nil )
raise ArgumentError, "inputs must be an Enumerable of symbols" if (!inputs.kind_of?(Enumerable) || !{|e| e.is_a?(Symbol) }.reduce(:&))
@output = output
coldnebo / database.yml
Created Oct 11, 2018
description of our Rails multi-database configuration for @eileencodes
View database.yml
# defaults for all envs (local/deployed), (nonprod/prod)
defaults: &defaults
encoding: utf8
adapter: mysql2
read_timeout: 10
write_timeout: 10
connect_timeout: 10
reconnect: true
coldnebo /
Last active May 20, 2018
ruby orchestra preprint utils
declare -a arr=("violin1" "violin2" "viola" "cello" "bass")
for inst in "${arr[@]}"
title="Souza - The Stars and Stripes Forever"
# create a blank letter page for titles
View rubyvm.patch
diff --git a/random.c b/random.c
index e669e98..9334921 100644
--- a/random.c
+++ b/random.c
@@ -521,7 +521,7 @@ fill_random_bytes_syscall(void *seed, size_t size, int unused)
CryptGenRandom(prov, size, seed);
return 0;
-#elif defined __linux__ && defined SYS_getrandom
+#elif defined __linux__ && defined __NR_getrandom
View linux-Preferences.sublime-settings
"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Twilight.tmTheme",
"font_size": 11,
"tab_size": 2,
"translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
"hot_exit": false,
coldnebo / logic_init.sqf
Last active Mar 24, 2020
clearcut script to clear foliage from markers in Arma3 on Tanoa.
View logic_init.sqf
clearcut script to clear foliage from markers in Arma3 on Tanoa.
1. place this script in a Game Logic init
2. place one area marker (ELLIPSE/circle) named "cutter" and size it a=b in the EDEN editor
3. copy that marker to create as many clean-cut areas as you want
on startup, this script will automatically find any trees, small rocks fallen logs
within those markers and hide them.
coldnebo /
Last active Feb 6, 2016
how I manage my paths
pathadd() {
if [ -d "$1" ] && [[ ":$PATH:" != *":$1:"* ]]; then
pathoverride() {
if [ -d "$1" ] && [[ ":$PATH:" != *":$1:"* ]]; then
coldnebo / genhtml.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
poor man's webcomponents, circa May 2010
View genhtml.rb
# genhtml.rb
require 'rubygems'
require 'xml/libxml'
require 'libxslt'
xml_file = ARGV[0]
stylesheet_doc = XML::Document.file('homework.xsi')
stylesheet =
coldnebo / turbulence.m
Last active Aug 29, 2015
script for extracting the turbulence around a photo of a building.
View turbulence.m
close all
% read the building picture
I1 = imread('IMG_5380.JPG');
% correct the rotation
I2 = imrotate(I1, -90);
% crop it to the area of interest
I3 = imcrop(I2,[378.5 0.5 948 814]);
% focus on an roi to isolate just the sky from the building...
rp = [0 815;70 815;251 435;570 363;949 657;949 0;0 0];
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