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Atom-Rust IDE
# Run this in your shell to install a set of atom-plugins
# for working with rust projects and git
# Rust essentials
apm install language-rust racer linter linter-rust build build-cargo cargo-test-runner rust-api-docs-helper
# Other
apm install keyboard-localization autoupdate-packages project-manager atom-terminal minimap docblockr theme-switcher
# Git
apm install minimap-git-diff line-diff-details git-control git-history git-log git-plus merge-conflicts
'.platform-linux atom-workspace, .platform-win32 atom-workspace':
'ctrl-alt-y': 'build:select-active-target'
'ctrl-alt-a': 'build:error-match-first'
'alt-ctrl-x': 'linter:next-error'
'f1': 'racer:find-definition'
'alt-ctrl': 'linter:set-bubble-transparent'
'ctrl-6': 'docblockr:decorate'
'ctrl-shift-space': 'editor:toggle-line-comments'
'alt': 'native!'
'shift-f11': 'theme-switcher:switch'
'ctrl-alt-p': 'project-manager:list-projects'
'ctrl-alt-o': 'git-control:toggle'
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This is a combination of packages and keybindings I like to use for working with rust. If you are searching for some Rust IDE experience, this should be a good starting point. You can disable or uninstall packages at any time, if they don't suit you. :-)

PS: The keymap.cson needs to placed / merged here ~/.atom/keymap.cson (linux).

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