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Simple mass conversion of GIF to MP4 (h264/h265), WebM (vp8/vp9) and WebP
curl '' -o gipyurls.json
jq .[].gifs[].images.original.url gipyurls.json |cut -d / -f 5 | parallel -j 20 --gnu curl{}/giphy.gif -o {}.gif
parallel -j 20 --gnu "ffmpeg -f gif -i {} {}.h264.mp4" ::: *.gif
parallel -j 20 --gnu "ffmpeg -f gif -i {} -c:v libx265 {}.h265.mp4" ::: *.gif
parallel -j 20 --gnu "ffmpeg -f gif -i {} -c:v libvpx {}.vp8.webm" ::: *.gif
parallel -j 20 --gnu "ffmpeg -f gif -i {} -c:v libvpx-vp9 {}.vp9.webm" ::: *.gif
parallel -j 20 --gnu "ffmpeg -f gif ii {} -vcodec libwebp {}.webp" ::: *.gif
ls -la|sed -Ee 's/[ ]+/,/g'|cut -d , -f 9,5|sed -e 's/\.gif/,gif/;s/gif\.//' > files.csv
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