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Last active October 12, 2023 23:45
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Bitcoin address generator in bash
# This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
# Requires bc, dc, openssl, xxd
# by grondilu from
base58=({1..9} {A..H} {J..N} {P..Z} {a..k} {m..z})
bitcoinregex="^[$(printf "%s" "${base58[@]}")]{34}$"
if [ `uname -s` = 'Darwin' ]; then
TAC="tail -r "
decodeBase58() {
local s=$1
for i in {0..57}
do s="${s//${base58[i]}/ $i}"
dc <<< "16o0d${s// /+58*}+f"
encodeBase58() {
# 58 = 0x3A
echo -n "$1" | sed -e's/^\(\(00\)*\).*/\1/' -e's/00/1/g' | tr -d '\n'
dc -e "16i ${1^^} [3A ~r d0<x]dsxx +f" |
while read -r n; do echo -n "${base58[n]}"; done
checksum() {
xxd -p -r <<<"$1" |
openssl dgst -sha256 -binary |
openssl dgst -sha256 -binary |
xxd -p -c 80 |
head -c 8
checkBitcoinAddress() {
if [[ "$1" =~ $bitcoinregex ]]
h=$(decodeBase58 "$1")
checksum "00${h::${#h}-8}" |
grep -qi "^${h: -8}$"
else return 2
hash160() {
openssl dgst -sha256 -binary |
openssl dgst -rmd160 -binary |
xxd -p -c 80
hash160ToAddress() {
printf "%34s\n" "$(encodeBase58 "00$1$(checksum "00$1")")" |
sed "y/ /1/"
publicKeyToAddress() {
hash160ToAddress $(
openssl ec -pubin -pubout -outform DER |
tail -c 65 |
echo -n "Public key: "
openssl ecparam -name secp256k1 -genkey | tee priv.pem | openssl ec -pubout | publicKeyToAddress
echo ""
echo -n "Private key: "
cat priv.pem
echo ""

Hi, with the edited encodeBase58 function, from time to time, it's still generating addresses with a prefix 11.

address: 11NVGRNwpqYCUiJ42TJ5iLdHt8wALLyRyV secret:  0527fee5b586ddea8837cdbf58e6f9b334e10bb95c20519db63561eda3861f01
address: 11BC84pND1z7ekq12FF7LLDKmRmQT6QhxB secret:  bb35d58aecd49a012587a6093de0ffd2d4c143242fe60196900fa4e88a72480e
address: 11PgGJsvRZBynVcfSTMAnZQXLx2pnGSCNk secret:  3096e3fc4027e63cc3ca46b208b45581ded83773f798658a9b3b5fcdcb9ab3a3
address: 11PZLAC8yDV76gLv2EN7BykAS3Kor8Fcym secret:  29a7cef80bdf63571f8b93a629943475f50aa1f9e4cebc911e8ee0f3e19baa20
address: 11Bp95CTxgyWecEXxV6m3UzUiT6JutJ8VN secret:  0d5c20fd922cb9c134aecf9a4bd992af429f16b8742d91d056aeab22f2a08392
address: 11AWP79DdTHmogAiuvyokDK28LQoq1QnB2 secret:  d698fd92748de1a484bcb18d1f5c9bd4f066a30eb7f56c92b6281cf68e7d7127
address: 11R1T3jv92emkonrjfkUDJdeWR7naDVuR3 secret:  51a37515a5964f5c293733a179f1072d6918249bf0c264ca903bbe8267a4a352
address: 11MNiiYjA57xKfTZo6cTCZV5Q6n3kyMFma secret:  79bbd8bd40a3e3f581aad528bc0320c525ec8a92717070d7327c879c1a597c1c
address: 11kUJeGjdUnubuuxECmWdzzMpCGLzhYBZU secret:  8ad77d1b6695cb5bce4654110aa30b62cf16e46db5d97189604019d1200f8943
address: 11wMeBcQW2QNuLXE7rfdC1KA1x6E8Bio7A secret:  25ca9ec03fa6935ed4ce36edb817fc6fd30864309520af99051a14376d623595
address: 11Nu6WymbKBmZKpiSyJEAwMM9MT495BHGZ secret:  a1b55bd7d2c449a5480b67e84f774f8c1372b431b16408430cdac5626878a23b
address: 11ec8HgPZZxHkGR1og79QPwLSkuhqTNDma secret:  fd93585c1fafa30ebdfc068da8579001764a4c75bb9b8bba532331f5df621e2a
address: 11yhkhxVD73YmmW7vtB153TDLdPHvBnvhZ secret:  3f8f89f30acf1e08f129d3a5d725189fdd6384cb5178c5901432c25207742b02
address: 11a6eEoWH47KCf2w5pEYbLGQ4Rn31wjxiJ secret:  0a6cfd67b4cc859321f450e6d020a6b9abbdd838a0ec4afa30976a72344f0292

Just to let you know that this issue still exists.

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I welcome suggestions. I don't have the bandwidth available right now to debug it.

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b4zz4 commented Sep 6, 2021

Is it possible to recover the public key from the bitcoin direction?

for example to encrypt messages using openssl

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@b4zz4 Can you clarify what you mean? The Bitcoin address is the public address but not the public key. I think you're wanting to see it output a public key in addition to the Base58 address. That may be possible but I don't really have the bandwidth available to do it.

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b4zz4 commented Sep 7, 2021 via email

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