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Mitacs Accelerate Application Process

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Standard Mitacs Accelerate applications are accepted throughout the year and projects may begin at any time. Please allow 6-8 weeks for proposal review and processing of single internship applications; please contact your Business Development representative for review timing of larger projects.

A Mitacs Accelerate application is comprised of the following documents:

  • The proposal completed on the prepared template and submitted electronically. Proposals should be written in plain language but should also include relevant technical detail.
  • The Memorandum signed by all partners (the intern, academic supervisor, partner supervisor and a representative from the Office of Research Services*).
  • A current C.V. of the proposed intern (C.V. template is available if needed)
  • Conflict of Interest Declaration form if applicable.
  • Supporting documents if applicable. Additional documents may be required to support the proposal application. The proposal template outlines when these documents are needed.
  • Academic supervisors must request approval from their Office of Research Services and the approval signature must be included on the Memorandum submitted with the proposal. (Prior to submitting your proposal for ORS approval, please ensure you contact a Business Development representative who will review your draft)

Accelerate Clusters

Accelerate Clusters: Option for larger projects Mitacs Accelerate clusters are an alternative for larger research projects involving multiple Graduate students and/or Post-doctoral Fellows. Applicants may apply once for an Accelerate Cluster involving a minimum of three interns, at least six 4-month internship segments, and a minimum of one industrial partner.

  • Cost-shared model for Clusters features improved leveraging on industry contributions.
  • Scalable for even larger projects, accommodating multiple universities and industry partners if warranted, in projects that can span several years.
  • To apply for a Mitacs Accelerate internship cluster, please contact your business development representative.
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