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## NSERC Engage Overview

Successful academic-industrial Engage collaborations are sometimes extended with funding from:

One engage grant per year.

Engage can be combined with Mitacs Accelerate:

Applicants seeking to combine an internship at the company partner, as part of the approach for addressing the company-specific problem or for transferring the project results into the company’s operations, may include in the Engage Grant application a request for additional support through Mitacs Accelerate. Consult your NSERC Regional Office or This link will take you to another Web site Mitacs Business Development Representative for details on how to apply.


  • up to $25,000 per year

For university-based applicants (Engage Grants for universities):

  • Form 100 – Personal Data Form
  • Form 101 – Application for a Grant
  • Form 183A – Information Required from Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships
  • Apply online

How to Apply

Sample NSERC Engage Grant Proposal (2 pages)

Overview of the company-specific problem

Describe the company-specific problem to be addressed and the extent to which the company will benefit from scientific, engineering or technical advances, and the innovative techniques, processes or products that will be developed in the proposed project.

Research Project

Describe the research challenge to be addressed through the project. Briefly outline the underlying challenges, the scientific issues or engineering issues, research problems or technical complexities associated with solving the company problem.

Paragraph 1. Outline the methodology proposed to resolve the problem.

(to be improved)

Paragraph 2. Explain the innovative nature of the methodology.

(to be improved)

Paragraph 3. Identify the milestones and deliverables, and provide a work plan in approximately one paragraph. A bar chart such as the example below may be provided. Reserve additional details for “Budget Justification” attachment.

(to be improved)

Paragraph 4. Describe how the company will be involved in the project. (The company’s direct, in-kind contribution and how its total value was determined, should be itemized separately, in a one-page attachment. See the “Contributions of the Supporting Organizations” section of the Instructions.)

Research competence

Explain how the knowledge and experience of the applicant relates to the expertise needed to accomplish the project objectives. Explain how the contributions of the team members (including, if applicable, the company personnel) will be integrated into the project’s objectives.

Contribution to the technology transfer

Describe how communication between the university research group and the company staff will occur and be managed. Describe what regular interactions between the university research team, specifically the principal investigator, and the company representative(s) are planned (e.g., include a summary of planned project review meetings). Explain how the technology will be transferred to the company (i.e., specify how the finalized project deliverables will be packaged, e.g., final technical report, algorithms, software, physical prototype, etc.) and incorporated into the company’s operations. Briefly describe plans (if any) for follow on research.

Benefit to Canada

Outline the key benefits to be accrued to the industrial partner when these results are implemented into the company’s operations. Add any additional economic social and environmental benefits that could be realized in Canada within a reasonable time (e.g., within three to five years).

(to be improved)

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