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@deprecated('Use `FacebookAuthProvider` and `signInAndRetrieveData` instead')
Future<FirebaseUser> signInWithFacebook(
{@required String accessToken}) {
return signIn(credential: FacebookAuthProvider.getCredential(accessToken: accessToken));
/// Signs in with a Twitter account using the specified credentials.
/// The returned future completes with the signed-in user or a [PlatformException], if sign in failed.
@deprecated('Use `TwitterAuthProvider` and `signInAndRetrieveData` instead')
Future<FirebaseUser> signInWithTwitter({
@required String authToken,
@required String authTokenSecret,
}) {
return signIn(credential: TwitterAuthProvider.getCredential(
authToken: authToken,
authTokenSecret: authTokenSecret,
@deprecated('Use `GithubAuthProvider` and `signInAndRetrieveData` instead')
Future<FirebaseUser> signInWithGithub({@required String token}) {
return signIn(credential: GithbAuthProvider.getCredential(token: token));
@deprecated('Use `GoogleAuthProvider` and `signInAndRetrieveData` instead')
Future<FirebaseUser> signInWithGoogle({
@required String idToken,
@required String accessToken,
}) {
return signIn(credential: GoogleAuthProvider.getCredential(
idToken: idToken,
accessToken: accessToken,
@deprecated('Use `PhoneAuthProvider` and `signInAndRetrieveData` instead')
Future<FirebaseUser> signInWithPhoneNumber({
@required String verificationId,
@required String smsCode,
}) async {
return signIn(credential: PhoneAuthProvider.getCredential(
verificationId: verificationId,
smsCode: smsCode,
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