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Last active May 15, 2019
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Utility for logging system profile to tensorboardx during pytorch training.
import torch
import psutil
import numpy as np
def log_profile(summaryWriter, step, scope='profile', cpu=True, mem=True, gpu=torch.cuda.is_available(), disk=['read_time', 'write_time'], network=False):
if cpu:
cpu_usage = np.array(psutil.cpu_percent(percpu=True))
summaryWriter.add_scalars(f'{scope}/cpu/percent', {
'min': cpu_usage.min(),
'avg': cpu_usage.mean(),
'max': cpu_usage.max(),
}, step)
if mem:
summaryWriter.add_scalars(f'{scope}/ram', psutil.virtual_memory()._asdict(), step)
summaryWriter.add_scalars(f'{scope}/swap', psutil.swap_memory()._asdict(), step)
if disk:
diskios = psutil.disk_io_counters(perdisk=True)
diskios = {dname: diskio._asdict() for dname, diskio in diskios.items() if not dname.startswith('ram') and not dname.startswith('loop')}
# Invert the dict so we can look at values "across" the disks.
vnames = list(diskios.values())[0].keys()
diskios = {vname: {dname: diskio[vname] for dname, diskio in diskios.items()} for vname in vnames}
for vname, valuebydisk in diskios.items():
if disk == True or vname in disk:
summaryWriter.add_scalars(f'{scope}/disk/{vname}', valuebydisk, step)
if network:
summaryWriter.add_scalars(f'{scope}/network', psutil.net_io_counters()._asdict(), step)
if gpu:
summaryWriter.add_scalars(f'{scope}/cuda', {
'memory_allocated': torch.cuda.memory_allocated(),
'max_memory_allocated': torch.cuda.max_memory_allocated(),
'memory_cached': torch.cuda.memory_cached(),
'max_memory_cached': torch.cuda.max_memory_cached(),
}, step)
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