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Created March 27, 2024 20:25
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Public Goods Small Grants - Q2 2024

The Public Goods Working Group is hosting a Public Goods small grants round this quarter

Submissions are open now March 29th at


The total grant pool is 10.5 ETH distributed to ten recipients with the following prize structure:

Place Award Amount
First Place 3 ETH
Second Place 2 ETH
Third Place 1 ETH
4-10th 0.25 ETH

Public Goods Eligibility

Submissions that are eligible for the Public Goods small grants rounds should benefit the entire Ethereum or Web3 space.

Applicable projects may include some ENS functionality, but they should not be ENS-specific. A discussion about Public Goods vs Ecosystem projects has previously been discussed, here.


  • EthersJS library. This can be use by all developers building on Ethereum, connecting front-ends to blockchain data and proliferating Ethereum functionality on all websites. This library is free or open source.

  • An ENS Marketplace. Although important for ENS, this has a much more limited scope in the context of Ethereum, and would be better suited for an ENS Ecosystem grant. This may or may not be open source or free.

  • Web3 funding for social causes. The ENS constitution specifies that the constitution may fund public goods within web3. Submissions that merely leverage Web3 funding mechanisms, but do no benefit web3 are ineligible.

Submission Removals

Public Goods stewards have the discretion to delete spam, ENS-specific and inapplicable submissions to maintain the integrity and quality of the round.


  • Submissions Start: Friday, March 29th
  • Submission End: Thursday April 4rd
  • Voting Begins: - Friday, April 5th
  • Voting Ends: Thursday, April 11th

All starting and ending times will be 9am EST.

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