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tmux script to launch Figure project
tmux has-session -t figure
if [ $? != 0 ]
tmux new-session -s figure -n editor -d
tmux send-keys -t figure 'cd ~/Documents/go-workspace/src/figure/' C-m
tmux send-keys -t figure 'vim' C-m
tmux split-window -h -p 40 -t figure
tmux send-keys -t figure:0.1 'cd ~/Documents/go-workspace/src/figure/' C-m
tmux new-window -n console -t figure
tmux send-keys -t figure:1 'cd ~/Documents/go-workspace/src/figure/' C-m
tmux select-window -t figure:0
tmux attach -t figure
# this is my script that i run every time i work on a project called Figure
# the first line checks if a tmux session is already running with the name 'figure'
# if it is, it'll open it
# if not, we drop into the block
# this creates the new session
# and opens 2 windows
# the first window is named 'editor' and the second window is named 'console'
# the first window is split vertically, the left side opens vim and left is empty (i usually run the db here)
# the second window is empty (i usually work with git here)
# each pane cd's into the correct directory
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