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Last active March 15, 2023 22:06
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Big List of Modpack Things

Big List of Modpack Things

Also see the Modrinth Awesome list, and a (probably somewhat outdated) list of curse modpack downloaders at

This list is a bit outdated in places, but I'm still adding things here so that I don't forget them.

Distribution platforms

Name Type Number of mods/packs Popularity (Similarweb rank) Official launcher Third-party support Open Source backend Author rewards
CurseForge Public 31,000 mods; 38,000 modpacks #1410 Yes Many No Yes
Modrinth Public 2000 mods #79,182 In development ATLauncher, packwiz, pacmc, modweaver Yes Planned
Technic Public + Team 10,000 modpacks #81,843 Yes MultiMC, ATLauncher Partial (Solder)
Feed the Beast Team 61 modpacks #103,805 Yes MultiMC, ATLauncher No
ATLauncher Curated 147 modpacks #372,217 Yes MultiMC No
minepkg Public 381 mods; 11 modpacks - CLI client None No

Tools and Launchers

Item Active? Type Comment
MultiMC Yes Launcher and pack creation tool
GDLauncher Yes Launcher and pack creation tool
SKCraft Launcher Yes Launcher and pack creation tool Has unique customization features
Somewhat Launcher and pack creation tool
Modpacker No Launcher and pack creation tool
modpacker No Launcher and pack creation tool a different one, yes
ServerStarter Somewhat Server management tool
Erisia server-builder Yes Server management tool
mcinstall Somewhat Modpack installer
Curseforge Mass Downloader No Modpack installer
curse-modpack-downloader No Modpack installer
unsup Yes Modpack installer
PackUpdate Somewhat Modpack installer MultiMC "addon"
No Management tool
Pack creation tool
MCDelta No Management tool
PowerShellModPack No Management tool
Pack creation tool
mpupd No Pack creation tool
mcdex No Management tool
Pack creation tool
Fabric Mod Manager No Management tool
PackOPdater No Pack creation tool
cornstone No Management tool
cursetool-rs Yes Management tool
cursinator Yes Management tool
cf-updater No Management tool
Hopper Yes Management tool
pacmc Yes Management tool
Ferium Yes Management tool
modweaver Yes Management tool
Modget Yes Management mod
Mod Manager Yes Management mod
twitch-export-builder No Pack creation tool
modpacktools No Pack creation tool
modpack-cli No Pack creation tool
ModpackUpdater No Pack creation tool
Voodoo No Pack creation tool
packwiz Yes Pack creation tool
pax Yes Pack creation tool
ServerPackCreator Yes Pack creation tool
MCUpdater Yes Pack creation tool
WanderingTrader No Pack creation tool
Gryphon No Pack creation tool


Item Active? Type
CurseProxy No Mod metadata database
ModPackFlattener No Misc modpack tool
ModpackAttributor No Misc modpack tool
SMMART/Kramh No Universal metadata efforts
MODIP No Universal metadata efforts
falseresync's modpack format design No Universal metadata efforts

If anything is missing from this list (and is maintained!) ping me on Discord (comp500#7396) or message me on Keybase.

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