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Sat Oct 9 23:07:38 EDT 2010
Explorer: Colin Zwiebel
To be combined with SDZ's spec from this package:
# Apply this patch
( )
# SDZ bits to remove bundled and use libraries from our system (from repos)
rm -f etherpad/lib/*
cp /usr/share/java/{dnsjava,jBCrypt,jcommon,jfreechart/jfreechart}.jar etherpad/lib/
# remove as many libs as we can right now
rm -f infrastructure/lib/{activation,commons-lang-2.4,dnsjava-2.0.6,jetty-6.1.20,jetty-util-6.1.*,jetty-sslengine-6.1.20,mail,servlet-api-2.5-20081211,tagsoup-1.2,yuicompressor-2.4-appjet}.jar
# find a way to not hardcode the jetty version number here
cp /usr/share/jetty/lib/ext/jetty-sslengine-6.1.21.jar infrastructure/lib/
# Replace the openoffice libs with system version
yum install
rm -f infrastructure/lib/{java_uno-3.2.0,juh-3.2.0,jurt-3.2.0,ridl-3.2.0,unoil-3.2.0}.jar
cp /usr/lib/{java_uno,juh,jurt,ridl,unoil}.jar infrastructure/lib
# fulfill unoil.jar
rm -f infrastructure/lib/unoil-3.2.0.jar
cp /usr/lib/ infrastructure/lib
# Take care of commons-io
yum install jakarta-commons-io
rm -f infrastructure/lib/commons-io-1.4.jar
cp /usr/share/java/commons-io.jar infrastructure/lib
# Take care of fileupload
yum install jakarta-commons-fileupload
rm -f infrastructure/lib/commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar
cp /usr/share/java/commons-fileupload.jar infrastructure/lib
# Take care of c3p0
# ... to be continued
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