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Last active Nov 20, 2017
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Automatically clone and build repositories related to the esp8266 sdk
# Build the esp 8266 open-sdk and related tools in current directory.
# Tested on Ubuntu 16.04.1 and 14.04.4/5.
# It takes up to an hour to build and several GB of space, so be prepared!
# Use it with:
# wget -O && chmod +x && ./
# ToDo: Ask the user when install installing examples or checking for Ubuntu, make a -y option to proceed automatically
lsb_release -d | grep -q Ubuntu || \
{ >&2 echo -e "Error: You need to be on Ubuntu to use this script.\n\nOn compatible systems, you might want to try commenting this check!"; exit 1; }
# On some systems, above line might cause more problems than it solves
# Add sources
test -r "$aptsl" -a -f "$aptsl" && \
sudo cp -b "$aptsl" "$aptsl.backup$(date +%y%m%d)" # backup
sudo apt-add-repository universe
sudo apt-add-repository multiverse
#sudo apt-add-repository "deb $(lsb_release -cs) main restricted"
# Install packages
sudo apt-get update && \
sudo apt-get install -y make unrar autoconf automake libtool gcc g++ gperf flex bison texinfo-doc-nonfree install-info info texinfo gawk ncurses-dev libexpat-dev python-dev python python-serial sed git unzip bash help2man wget bzip2 \
|| exit 1
sudo apt-get install -y libtool-bin # not needed in some Ubuntu versions
# Build esptool-ck
git clone --recursive || exit 1
cd esptool-ck
cd ..
# Build sdk
git clone --recursive || exit 1
cd esp-open-sdk
sed -i 's/^\(\s*VENDOR_SDK\s*=\s*\).*$/\1 1.5.2/' Makefile # Old version of sdk (v1.5.2) before espressif filled the iram
#git checkout e32ff685 # Old version of sdk (v1.5.2) before espressif filled the iram
|| { >&2 echo "pfalcon's Makefile seems to have a problem.\nTry executing make with shells of varying cleanness, i.e. 'env -i bash --norc --noprofile -c ...'\n. Also check shell variables for gcc's library and include paths"; exit 1; }
find . -name "c_types.h" -exec cp "{}" "{}.patched" \;
# Line below fixes a bug, when e32ff685 or other old versions are used
#find -type f -name 'c_types.h.orig' -print0 | while read -d $'\0' f; do cp "$f" "${f%.orig}"; done
cd ..
# Download a few software examples
if echo "$1" | grep -qi "examples"; then
echo "Downloading example projects to '$exdir'..."
mkdir "$exdir"
cd "$exdir"
git clone --recursive
git clone --recursive
git clone --recursive
git clone --recursive
ln -s colorchord/embedded8266 8266colorcord
cd ..
echo "Path to the sdk: $(readlink -f $(pwd))/esp-open-sdk"
echo "We're done!"

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@cnlohr cnlohr commented Aug 17, 2016

Should this be posted places like the READMEs?

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