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A script to produce randomized user records into a Kafka topic
import sys
import time
import os
import json
import random
from dateutil import parser
from confluent_kafka import Producer
import names #
import random
TOPIC = 'users'
cities = ["Mountain View", "San Francisco", "Daly City", "San Mateo", "San Bruno", "Millbrae", "Burlingame", "Foster City", "Belmont", "San Carlos"]
is_customer=["true", "false"]
producer = Producer({
'bootstrap.servers': '<your-bootstrap-server>',
'broker.version.fallback': '',
'': 0,
'sasl.mechanisms': 'PLAIN',
'security.protocol': 'SASL_SSL',
'sasl.username': '<your-kafka-api-key>',
'sasl.password': '<your-kafka-api-secret>'
for i in range (5000):
msg ='"name":"{}", "address":"{}", "age":{}, "is_customer":{}'.format(names.get_full_name(), cities[i%10], random.randint(20,40), is_customer[i%2])
# create a json object
msg = '{' + msg + '}'
assert json.loads(msg)
producer.produce(TOPIC, msg)
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